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About Sam

The Gloves are Off!


Sam Goldstein likes to win. Even when he was prosecuting criminal offences, he liked winning. Though prosecuting is easy. Defending is hard. Sam has a simple formula to winning your criminal case. Its being prepared.  Only if he must, he'll resolve your case because it's in your best interest and that's what counts. But he'll tell you straight. If you want to win. Don't plead guilty. Charged with a criminal, regulatory, or disciplinary matter. Better call Sam.

Sam Goldstein has been a criminal lawyer for over twenty-years. He is a former Crown Attorney. Now he likes to use his knowledge and experience prosecuting criminal offences defending people charged with them. Sam has appeared at all levels of court in Canada including the Supreme Court of Canada. He's handled just about every offence in the criminal code and then some. The cases he likes to argue the most are sexual assault cases, white collar frauds, and all criminal appeals. But that doesn't mean he won't take on your drug, extradition, or murder charge.

If you or a loved one has been charged with an offence under the Occupational Health and Safety Act or other regulatory legislation, a white collar crime, fraud, sexual assault, or you or a loved one are being extradited or you are being disciplined by your professional regulatory body, or you want to appeal your case, you better call Sam Goldstein. You need to win, and Sam likes winning.